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Team Members

Team Members

These are Team Member Volunteer Opportunities.  If you are looking for a more in-depth role, please see the Team Lead / Advisor opportunities.

WorldPride 2014 Toronto / Pride Toronto is currently looking for Team Members for the following teams:

To Apply:

Email a resume and brief cover letter to the specific teams below.  Be sure to include "Volunteering as a Team Member" in the subject line.


Opportunity Descriptions

Accessibility Teamback to list

The Accessibility Resources Team works to ensure that the activities of Pride Toronto WorldPride do not exclude any person due to unnecessary barriers, including the elderly and those with visible and invisible disabilities.  This Team also works to facilitate the participation of persons who use wheelchairs/scooters/other assistive devices, who are sight impaired, who speak ASL, who use the assistance of working animals, who require attendant care, or people with other disabilities. The Accessibility Resources Team will liaise with the Operations Director to determine ASL bookings.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: accessibility@pridetoronto.com

Arts & Culture / Artist Hospitality Teamback to list

The Arts & Culture/Artist Hospitality Team works with and reports to the Arts & Culture Manager.  Together the Team secures/delivers artist riders to the designated venues, and is responsible for the execution and maintenance of artist backstage areas across the Festival’s main stages.  Under supervision of the Team Lead, Team Members will assist in the coordination of artist transportation to and from designated venues, while ensuring the artist is comfortable.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: artistrelations@pridetoronto.com

Blockorama Teamback to list

The Blockorama Team work with the Arts and Culture Manager to program the Blockorama entertainment portion of the Pride Festival.  The Blockorama Team creates a space for LGBTTIQQ2SA folks of African descent and their friends, loved ones and supporters.  They work to affirm, celebrate and ensure visible Black LGBTTIQQ2SA communities within Pride; to create a Black cultural space within Pride that any Black or Black affirming person can be a part of.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: blockorama@pridetoronto.com

Clean Sober & Proud Teamback to list

The Clean, Sober & Proud Team organizes the alcohol and substance free, health and wellness green space at the Pride Festival.  The Clean, Sober & Proud Team is dedicated to providing a safe experience and space for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. The Team programs two days of activities, including Recovery meetings throughout the day. The Clean, Sober & Proud space also includes live entertainment that the Arts & Culture Team arranges with support from the Clean, Sober & Proud Team. This Team is for anyone who has experience working/volunteering with marginalized communities, health and wellness, addiction/disorder/mental health counseling.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: sober@pridetoronto.com

Digital Media Team (Photographer)back to list

The Digital Media Team is currently looking for photographers to help capture all of the magic of WorldPride 2014! With more events than ever, we will need many volunteer photographers available leading up to and during the festival. We ask all photographers to release their photos to us for use with attribution (where possible) in future marketing campaigns, advertising, etc.  Photographers must have their own equipment.  Please send a link to your online portfolio with your resume.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: socialmedia@pridetoronto.com

Dyke March Teamback to list

The Dyke March Team organizes and leads the Dyke March, which is a participatory, political, visible, safe, community-driven event within Toronto’s Pride Week, and which empowers, inspires and celebrates womens’ and trans’ communities.  This Team works in a collaborative environment to achieve the Dyke March mandate and goals.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to:  dykemarch@pridetoronto.com

Environmental Sustainability Teamback to list

The Environmental Sustainability Team works to promote and support the greening efforts of Pride Toronto for the Pride festival. The Greening Team has been created in part due to environmental sustainability being recognized as a priority by Pride Toronto/WorldPride. This Team will initiate and support greening efforts at various points through the Festival weekend, with a special focus on waste diversion. This person works closely with the Director of Director.   This Team is for anyone with a passion for the promotion and execution of best practices of environmental sustainability.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: sustainability@pridetoronto.com

Festival Outreach Teamback to list

This Team acts as a conduit between the Festival Teams, and the Community Engagement Board committee.  The Festival Outreach Team’s focus is to nurture relationships formed as a result of hosting WP14TO with a view to maintain them beyond 2014.  This Team will work with the Community Engagement Board Committee to realize the WP14TO Engagement Strategy. They will also work with the Executive Director and WorldPride Manager on a process to select candidates for honoured positions.  This Team is for energetic extroverted people with a passion for advocacy, outreach and human rights as well as interacting with various communities.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: outreach@pridetoronto.com

Festival Research Teamback to list

The Festival Research Team works to manage Pride Toronto’s information needs to: enhance attendee satisfaction, collect statistically relevant information from Festival attendees for completion of the Festival’s annual Economic Impact Study.  They also work to collect separate survey information to complete the Festival’s annual Attendee Satisfaction Survey.  The Research Team reports to the Director of Development and will also work closely with an external research firm to ensure effective training and collection of data.  This Team is for anyone with a strong research, statistics and/or analytical skills.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: research@pridetoronto.com

International Grand Marshal Teamback to list

The International Grand Marshall Team presents possible candidates for appointment as the International Grand Marshall using agreed and approved processes.  The team works closely with the Executive Director to plan and develop a campaign to promote the International Grand Marshall.  The team acts as the liaison with community groups on the appearance of the International Grand Marshall for events and functions during the festival.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: IGM@pridetoronto.com

Public Safety Teamback to list

The Public Safety Team exists to act as the goodwill ambassador to the general public, as well as manage Festival security, preventative measures and emergency planning for the Pride Week/WorldPride Festival.  This Team is for anyone with: first aid, first response and/or emergency training and/or computer aided dispatch and emergency telecom training. 

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: safety@pridetoronto.com 

Site Teamback to list

The Site Team contributes to planning the layout of the Pride Week Festival; assists the Director of Operations in securing equipment, supplies and services as required to manage the logistics of the Festival site and infrastructure. The Site Team will liaise directly with other Teams to ensure their on-site logistical needs are met by the various approved suppliers. To this end, the Site Team oversees the logistical set up for first aid stations, info booths, street fair booths, media booths, weekend volunteer headquarters, entertainment venues and others as required.  This Team has a demanding physical component and is suited to those with strong:  site logistics, operational, construction, skills and/or experience.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: site@pridetoronto.com


Streetfair Teamback to list

The Streetfair Team organizes, solicits and takes applications from vendors, and plans Pride Toronto’s Streetfair. The Streetfair is composed of Sponsor Booths, Community Fair, Marketplace, and Food Vendors. The Streetfair Team Leaders represent Pride Toronto to the vendors and community organizations with regards to:  the Community Fair, Marketplace and Food Vendor booths.  The role includes:  administering the online registration program; answering all questions about the application process and booth placement; receiving applications for vendor spaces; and administering payment; and determining security deposit returns.  This Team is suited to those who have a desire to work with local businesses, and with strong entrepreneurial skills.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: streetfair@pridetoronto.com 

Parade Teamback to list

The Parade Team organizes the Pride Parade. This Team works with various communities, organizations, post-secondary institutions, the Toronto Police, The City of Toronto and internal stakeholders, to ensure that the Pride Parade is safe and fun for both participants and spectators. 

Please e-mail resume and inquiries to: parade@pridetoronto.com

Trans Pride Teamback to list

The Trans Pride Team strives to engage applicants of visible ethic minority groups, and. differently abled persons. The Trans Pride Team and community organizes and leads the Trans Pride March, rally and Trans space which are:  participatory, political, visible, and safe community-driven events within Toronto’s Pride Week, and which empowers, inspires and celebrates Trans’ communities.   This Team is suited to an individual who identifies as a part of the Trans communities. Strong organizational and knowledge of social media and minimal graphic design skills considered an asset.  Awareness of Trans communities issues, barriers and successes required.

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: transpride@pridetoronto.com

Weekend Volunteerback to list

The Weekend Volunteer Team recruits and organizes the 500-1000 volunteers that fill approximately 1500 volunteer shifts that are required to staff Pride Week. Under the direction of the Volunteer Program Manager, the Team oversees the recruitment and outreach strategies for weekend volunteers. They will organize and manage the volunteer orientation sessions; complete volunteer documentation, hourly tracking, record keeping, communication and appreciation as it relates to the volunteers. 

Please e-mail resume and inquires to: weekend@pridetoronto.com 

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