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Trans Pride

Trans Pride


Trans* Pride is a volunteer team working within Pride Toronto whose goal is to promote Trans* education and awareness, within Pride Toronto events and beyond. Trans* Pride represents any person within the trans* spectrum, which refers to anyone whose gender identities do not match the bodies they were born with.

Pride Toronto’s trans* community spaces help promote trans positive grass-roots programs, as well as educational outreach activities to increase awareness on trans* related topics.

The Trans* Pride Rally, Trans* Pride March and Trans* Space are currently organized by a team of dedicated trans* volunteers from the trans* communities in Toronto and is greatly supported by cisgender allies. If you would like to be part of the team either as an organizer or an ally please contact transpride@pridetoronto.com .

*Who Trans Pride Represents

Transgendered and Transsexual persons, people who were assigned one sex but who identify as the opposite sex. Some transition from one sex to the other through medical treatment and possibly surgery, while others simply live their life as the opposite sex. Trans people have existed throughout human history and there's evidence of them found in nearly every ancient culture on Earth.

We also support Gender Queer / Gender Independent persons, people who may identify as both genders, or neither, or whose gender identity is fluid. 

Intersex persons were both with ambiguous genitalia, or a set of both male and female genitals. As biology doesn't determine identity, intersex people may identify as one, the other or both genders, or somewhere in between.

Two-Spirit is a term describing someone who fulfills mixed gender roles. The term originates among Canada's Aboriginal peoples.

Trans Pride supports all these ways of being, and seeks to provide a safe place for anyone whose gender or sexuality doesn't fit within the narrow definitions society has given us. Gender is complicated, and it will always be so, but we seek to support those who are finding their way.


















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