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2012: SERBIA

Goran Miletić, Programme Director of the Civil Rights Defenders for the Western Balkan States

Goran MileticGoran Miletić is a human rights activist and key organizer of the conferences “Equality for Sexual Minorities: Justice in Balkans” where he serves as Programme Director of the Civil Rights Defenders for the Western Balkan States, an international organization that aims to defend people’s civil and political rights, and empowers human rights defenders at risk. His work includes co-operation and support of different human rights and minority NGOs from Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia that were particularly engaged in drafting and lobbying for adoption of inclusive anti-discrimination legislation in Western Balkan countries. He prepared and conducted numerous training sessions related to LGBT rights, including advocacy, lobbying, fundraising and monitoring of human and minority rights. His lectures included various aspects of respect of human and minority rights of LGBT community as well as legislation and practice in countries in the region. He was involved in capacity building of LGBT activists not only in the Balkans, but also in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

He was one of key organizers with the Organizational Committee for Belgrade Pride where Pride events were banned in 2011. Since they were banned, he has been one of the applicants in the court case against the Government of Serbia before the European Court of the Human Rights. He has continued his efforts to organize Pride parades with a series of informal meetings with LGBT organizations for the preparation on 2012 Belgrade Pride events. He was a candidate for Equality Commissioner in Serbia that was proposed by more than 250 organizations, and is a member of the European Commission of Sexual Law (ECSOL) where he continues his human rights work on numerous reports, articles and lectures that have been published in the region about advocacy for LGBT and minority rights in several Western Balkan countries. He has also published different analyses, articles and columns in major media in Serbia and the whole Balkan region. He is currently finalizing his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Law of The Union University at Belgrade with his focus on protection of LGBT rights in civil proceedings for the Western Balkan states, and in Eastern European countries.


Angie Umbac, President and Campaigns Coordinator of the Rainbow Rights Project (R-Rights)

Angie Umbac

Angie Umbac is the President and Campaigns Coordinator of the Rainbow Rights Project (R-Rights), a volunteer non-profit organization in Philippines that provides the queer and trans community with a team of gay and lesbian lawyers and gender activists from diverse fields who understand the needs of language of the ever-changing queer and trans community. 

She serves as a Director for Human Rights of Libertas, a Philippine-based network of reform-minded lawyers and legal professionals who are committed to the promotion of Human Rights and Peace, Rule of Law and Access to Justice, Transparency and Accountability in Government, and Democratic Reform. She is also a trustee of Ladlad LGBT Party List, the LGBT political party that currently seeking for a seat in the Philippine Congress, and she is an advisory board member of All Out, a campaigning organization dedicated to building a movement to accelerate full equality for LGBT people.

As a global legal rights activist and recipient of two gender awards from the Philippine Civil Service Commission for championing the issues of gender and development in her personal and professional life, she strives to focus on issues of violence and discrimination against lesbians, bisexual and transgender women, as well as national and local policy trends that impact on LGBT rights.

2009: UGANDA

Victor Juliet Mukasa, Former Chair of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)

Victor JulietVictor Juliet Mukasa is the Chairperson of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and a human rights defender for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender liberation in his home country of Uganda and across Africa.

As a global trans rights activist, he strives to protect and defend the space to exist freely without harassment, threat, or violence and to go change this world's traditional gender categories so that people are no longer punished for simply being who they are.



Gareth Henry, Former Co-Chair of Jamaica Forum for All Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG)

Gareth HenryMotivated by his experience as a victim of homophobic violence, Gareth became involved in the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG- the only organization advocating for LGBT community in Jamaica), serving as its Program Director and Co-Chair until he was forced to flee Jamaica.

Gareth is the recipient of the 2006 Human Rights Watch Award and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Award, the former Program Director of Jamaica AIDS Support for Life and co-founder of the Sunshine Cathedral in Jamaica.

Gareth believes strongly in the possibility of change in the island's long history of violent abuse against the LGBT community and invites you to join him in calling for change in Jamaica and throughout the world.




Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, Co-Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGCA)

Rosanna Flamer-CalderaRosanna Flamer-Caldera is the current Co-Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA). An avid international speaker on LGBTIQ issues, she was instrumental in organizing the first ever ILGA Asia Regional Conference in Mumbai, India in 2002. Rosanna was born in Sri Lanka and is a Burgher (of Dutch decent) who lived in the USA for over 15 years before she returned to her roots to begin her activism in Environmental Conservation.

Rosanna is one of the founding members of the Women's Support Group- the only LGBTIQ organization in Sri Lanka. In 2004, Rosanna founded EQUAL GROUND- the only mixed LGBTIQ organization in Sri Lanka fighting for queer rights.



2006: SWEDEN

Bill Schiller, Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network (ILGCN) 

Bill SchillerBill Schiller is the Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network (ILGCN) Information Secretariat, as the first International Grand Marshal. The Chicago-born Schiller now lives in Stockholm, Sweden and works as a journalist and producer at Radio Sweden.

He embodies this year's fearless theme as he is co-founder of Tupilak, a Nordic organization of lesbian and gay cultural workers, campaigning tirelessly to shed light and support to our sister queer communities experiencing oppression, neo-Nazi violence, fascism and state sanctioned violence throughout the world.

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